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Dylan is an 18 year old caucasian male. Looking to break into the music business. He might go for a movie if offered. Lookeebox Studios Talent scout found this young talented boy while conducting a talent scout search as Dylan attempted to impress the Commercial Photographer/Casting Director of Lookeebox Studios at this non-Commercial medium Photoshoot on his day away from the Studios. Dylan seen here, was very pleased when our photographer showed up to snap some shots of him. He was excited. 

Dylan is one of those handsome boys whom would end up breaking someone's heart between his white cute smile and his heart of gold which bleeds out in his music. Dylan is definitely starr quality, for a Model. That's where his money lays, if he ever took it to the next level (Film industry). We always honor those boys whom try their hardest to show off their talents to the world of Entertainment. 

There are many like Dylan out there. Many alike him. Just waiting for a professional Talent Scout to come along and discover them for their true natural talents they possess.

Dylan loved the camera and the crowd loved him!