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Represents: TV Writers, Screenwriters, Producers, Voiceover Artists, Commercial Actors, Film & TV Actors, Runway Models, Print Models, Portrait, Portfolios. 

​Los Angeles, California (Talent Agency) , in business serving California since 2009

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Lookeebox Studios is 23 Miles N.E. of the famous Promenade 3rd Street Mall in the world famous downtown Santa Monica. It is one of the most visited year-round by tourists and their families and one of the most talked about attractions in the Los Angeles area. This area has been in countless Hollywood movies and Television shows and many a Talent scouts have discovered their actors here just walking on the streets and shopping areas . If you are waiting to be discovered, You must visit us soon. Santa Monica is where it all is going on. Get your name in Hollywood then Ttry out Santa Monica, you will know what to do when you get here. We seek talent in Santa Monica , also. 

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The world famous "Hollywood" sign, located in the hills between the two independently incorporated cities of:  Hollywood, CA. and Burbank, CA. which are within the County lines of Los Angeles as we are standing in Hollywood creating this image near the world famous record label of the Capitol Records building here in beautiful downtown Hollywood, CA.   

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From TV-Hill in the Hollywood Hills, the Backyard View of most Multi-Million Dollar homes up here see the entire Cities of Downtown L.A. , East L.A., Santa Monica to the Rt side of this image, Hollywood (Center lower), West Hollywood (Right Mid), West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Belair, Brentwood, etc.