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Lookeebox Studios is 23 Miles N.E. of the famous Promenade 3rd Street Mall in the world famous downtown Santa Monica.

It is one of the most visited year-round by tourists and their families and one of the most talked about attractions in the Los Angeles area. This area has been in countless Hollywood movies and Television shows and many a Talent scouts have discovered their actors here just walking on the streets and shopping areas . If you are waiting to be discovered, You must visit us soon. Santa Monica is where it all is going on. Get your name in Hollywood then Ttry out Santa Monica, you will know what to do when you get here. We seek talent in Santa Monica , also. 

See Stars ... See Santa Monica, California for a vacation time visit, stay a few days or a week. See the sights. 

                    ​(Above image) :

The world famous "Hollywood" sign, located in the hills between the two independently incorporated cities of:  Hollywood, CA. and Burbank, CA. which are within the County lines of Los Angeles as we are standing in Hollywood creating this image near the world famous record label of the Capitol Records building here in beautiful downtown Hollywood, CA.   

© 2009-2015 Lookeebox Studios©, Copyrights and Lookeebox Studios, Lookeeboxstudios.com  (trademark) logo, All text on this site is behind copyrights of Lookeebox Studios, No text shall be copied, retransmitted, without prior written permission by the CEO of Lookeebox Studios. All Rights Reserved Lookeebox Studios is a California Entertainment Industry Business. Our Taxation ID is listed with the City of Los Angeles, CA. 91406 U.S.A.


Represents: TV Writers, Screenwriters, Producers, Voiceover Artists, Commercial Actors, Film & TV Actors, Runway Models, Print Models, Portrait, Portfolios. 

​Los Angeles, California (Talent Agency) , in business serving California since 2009

Lookeeboxstudios.com Website is closing it's server window in 2016, Spring time.

This website will no longer be active.

The business will continue as usual and the license will stay active within the City of Los Angeles, CA. ongoing. 

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This website :  Lookeeboxstudios.com will no longer be actively viewed online after Spring of 2016. The Ceo of Lookeebox Studios is gearing up to make some cutbacks to create a more solid investment for the longer run. Life is a long time still for this young owner but he has a personal life he must tend to as well. 

The cutbacks will create more use of free social networking but not limited to the following: Facebook, Instagram, Blogger, Twitter, Google+, and Youtube. We have advertised this company in online classifieds and offline newspaper classifieds for many years, since it was open doing business in 2009, from the same location in Van Nuys, CA. at 16000 Strathern Street.

Lookeebox Studios will run accordingly and all as usual though this website own this server will not be shown , the url will be updated, the domains by proxy will be updated to protect the sensitive information of who runs the site for us & is employed by Lookeebox Studios. 


We are located during business hours here:

16000 Strathern St. Van Nuys, CA. 91406

Lookeebox Studios is by appointment only. No walk-in's or drop-offs. No Studio Tours permitted. Our people will not admit the studio location if you just showed up. We will need proof you have an appointment in order to better assist you to the right office door inside, otherwise you will get the run-around. This is for security reasons to protect our administrator and the Ceo from unwanted solicitors or others not invited.

We do not owe anyone outside our studios or clientele any unusual respect. We do not owe anyone anything. We have the right to refuse all the new clients we wish, any day of any year, it's not illegal to ask someone to leave the premisses of this private property. So hey, have some respect, people are working here, please keep it professional! We do not offer babysitting on site. 

The band rooms here do not have anything to do with our company. The band room rentals and rehearsal room rentals are of the owner's and not ours. We have been asked by many customers about us renting rehearsal rooms at the location, we have referred the customers to the landlord for the answers to these questions as we , at Lookeebox Studios do not control the Stage or Motion Picture Production on this site property, or the Motion Picture Distribution company on this same property, we only are Lookeebox Studios, a Talent Management Company and our jobs do not have anything to do with the other Entertainment industry Companies which are also located on this very same private property at 16000 Strathern St. Van Nuys, CA. 91406. 

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